How to Use

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nor. is designed for easy-to-use, while being as advanced as it needs to be.

Need a simple way to get started? Copy and paste the HTML widget onto your website, scroll through the available stories and click to publish them.

Need a more advanced solution? You can setup publishing via our API, based on the queries you set. This automatically posts story lead-ins to your social media, app, and website, and deposits the ad revenue into your bank account.

Get instant access to the platform today:

Promote Your Product

Display promotional content within stories to advertise subscriptions, books, downloads and more.


Getting Known Through nor.

Writers can set up their personal profile, displayed alongside their stories. The profile contains a photo, title, name, and bio of the author.


Your Branding as a Curator

Curators can add a bar along the bottom of a story, featuring the name and logo of their brand. When clicked it shows more info to the reader and a link back to your site.


Keep Users on Your Site with Modal Windows

You can choose to display stories as windows within your website. The reader stays on your site and can close the modal window at any time.


Curate Content Easily With Website Widgets

Website widgets are a quick way to get started with the platform, avoiding any coding and development. By copy and pasting a few lines of HTML code onto your website, you can instantly display nor. stories.


Post Automatically to Social Media

Synch your curator account to social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) for automatic posting. Using the nor. search parameters and filters, direct the system to only post stories which fit your brand, and allow it to post on your behalf.


Need Help with Advanced Features?


We’ve partnered with Codev, an expert development team helping our customers with more complex technical requirements:

  • API integration for automatic uploading, updating and deleting of content.
  • Help with content distribution via RSS.
  • Distribution/curation of nor. partner publishers content on your website or app.
  • Linking your custom CMS with the nor. platform.

nor. is free to try:

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